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Tag Heuer Replica Full Diamonds Connected TAG Heuer Connected Modular - This TAG Heuer Connected MODUL is available at a price of 190'000CHF. It's made from white gold and paved in baguette diamonds totaling 23.35 Carats. TAG Heuer's new Connected Modular 45 was unveiled at a press conference held in Brunnen, Switzerland on March 15.

swiss Tag Heuer Replica. True to its reputation as a luxury Swiss watchmaker it was natural for TAG Heuer, to release a connected watch that features a classic design. It is made from both modern materials like titanium and precious metals such as white gold or diamonds. The latest TAG Heuer version is fully paved. The 45 mm case comes in 18K PD125 polished gold. 589 VVS baguette-sized diamonds adorn both the bracelet (495) and the bezel (78). Total 23.35 Carats

best tag heuer replica watches This horological jewel includes a Calibre 5 mechanical unit. It also comes in a shimmering edition with a bezel set of 72 1.5mm diameter diamonds. This set comes in a stunning case with luxurious and subdued colors. The TAG Heuer Connected MODular 45 Full Diamond, which was developed in collaboration with IntelTM and GoogleTM, has all the elegance, features, and finishes that you would expect from a fine wristwatch. The Swiss Made luxury watch combines the 150-year-old expertise, knowledge, and heritage of TAG Heuer, a watch manufacturer established in La Chaux-de-Fonds. This is the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking. This watch is a unique concept that has never been seen before in the world connected watches. The connected module can be interchangeable with a Haute Horlogerie mechanical component -- e.g. : a 3-hand watch Calibre 5 or CM16, or COSC-certified Chronograph Tourbillon.

The modular design of best Tag Heuer Replica full diamonds also applies to the bracelet and lugs. It's water-resistant to 50 meters and has GPS, an NFC sensor to pay and a stunning, high definition AMOLED screen. There are also many customisable TAG Heuer dials.